SQL Server en Español

While I was born in the United States, my father is from Costa Rica and it was always a little weird being the only Carlos Chacón that didn’t speak Spanish–especially because I am the oldest on my dad’s side.  Luckily the rebellion of my youth didn’t entirely destroy my opportunity to learn Spanish as I spent two years in the Provincia de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Province) of Argentina as missionary for my church in the late 90’s.  !Aguante Lanus!

I have a goal in 2013 to start making presentations in Spanish and until now, never had a need to install SQL Server in anything but English.  Written translations are a bit tricky, but didn’t give two seconds thought to the SQL Install untill I came across this . . .


My first presentation will hopefully be in Costa Rica this April at a SQL Saturday so I had set all my language/local settings to there.  Turns out, SQL Server en Español want Spanish from the motherland-Spain.  Setting the language to show option and the region option to Spain did the trick.  Now on to translate my slide decks . . . .

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