Roanoke SQL Server Users Group

October 18th, I spoke at the Roanoke SQL Server users group.  While not a big group, there was a good comradery and I enjoyed meeting the people there.  I spent the night in Roanoke with the family and we enjoyed seeing the town.  If anyone in Roanoke is looking for a DBA . . . I may know someone.  🙂

I spoke on Performance tuning with a focus on indexes.  This was my first presentation for this subject and I had some trouble with the demo so I have some work to do there; however, here are the scripts I used for the presentation.

If anyone from the group has some feedback, drop me a line.  I would like to hear it.

SQL in the City

October 8th I attended Red Gate’s SQL in the City event in Boston MA.  I took the train up from Richmond on Sunday and got to Boston on Monday morning.  I was Columbus day and apparently Boston takes that holiday very seriously because there was no on in the streets, even many businesses were closed.  I had not been to Boston before so I enjoyed walking from the train station to the event.

The event itself was lightly attended, but I went for one primary purpose–to meet Steve Jones, Grant Fritchey, and Adam Machanic, one of the guest speakers.  In that respect, it was a neat to be able to have some time to talk with them and introduce myself.  I asked them about SQL Saturday as I am involved in planning on here in Richmond (and hoping Red-gate will sponsor).  Everyone agreed that I was a little crazy for going to Boston, so we agreed and now I get to be remembered as the crazy guy from Richmond.  I guess stranger things have happened.  Another person I was actually super impressed with was Buck Woody.  I have only seen a few videos with him so I didn’t know much about him, but I found him to be one of the most down to earth people.  He was very polite and I found myself wanting to talk more with him.  I am now envious of the folks on the SQL Cruise Alaska as they will have him for  a whole week!

Of course, I can’t forget that I also got to see many of the cool red-gate products.  As a contractor, I can only recommend tools; however, I have used SQL Compare.  I was interested in SQL Prompt, which is not new, but I had not used it and could buy for myself.  The red-gate employees were great and they had a great setup where they could demo products in between sessions.  Lunch was provided and I was able to talk to several employees about their roles in the company and their experiences.

In the end, I thought the event was very good and I enjoyed meeting the good people of Red-gate.  I am evaluating the SQL Prompt tool now and I will purchase after the trial expires.  Hopefully next time, they will have an event in DC–just saying.

SQL 2008 client tools install

I am not sure why I am writing about this in 2012, but I found myself needing to install the SQL 2008 R2 client tools on a Windows XP client machine. I am at a client that is still running Windows XP and installing SQL 2012 is not an option. They have a base image and when I went to install the client tools, I got the following error:

TITLE: SQL Server Setup failure.
SQL Server Setup has encountered the following error:
Unknown property.

I came across this article in the MSDN forms.  I will let you follow the steps in the article, but I had following experience.

  • After I deleted the registry key, I tried to reinstall–no go–I got an error about a missing registry key.  Seems strange; I mean who just deletes registry keys?  Even tried rebooting, cause its Windows XP.
  • I reinstalled Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 and uninstalled it.
  • SQL 2008 R2 client tools installed no problem.

SSMS default projects folder

I have a client that wants to ability to see the ad-hoc queries/scripts I write for them.  These aren’t things that go into production or a source control environment.  While it is only a couple of clicks, it became tediuos to change my directory folder every time I wanted to save or open an script.  The default location for saving your files in SSMS can be changed by editing the My Documents\SQL Server Management Studio\Settings\CurrentSettings-[Date].vssettings file.

As always–give yourself a way to get back and take a backup before you edit the file.

You are looking for the part of the file that says <PropertyValue name=”ProjectsLocation”>%vsspv_user_documents%\My Projects</PropertyValue>.  Mine was on the first line way to the right.  I had SSMS closed when I edited the file and changed the location to a network share.  I opened SSMS again and it opened right to network location.  If for some reason it doesn’t do that, you can click on the ‘My Projects’ folder on the left and it should take you there.